Saudi Masterbaker Ltd. (SML)

SML is based out of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has operations in GCC, Middle East and different parts of the world. Over the years, our brands have become household names, noted for their freshness, unique taste, quality and wide availability

Saudi Arabia (Dammam)

As we see it, our success is not merely because of developing the right product or infrastructure. It is also because of a unique combination of passion, vision, determination and innovation, never straying away from the essence of our core values and principles.

Today we are one of the worlds largest food businesses and well on our way to becoming a global power house. Every day we progress a little more - exploring new ideas, learning from setbacks, encouraging and seeking change. Most of all, creating and nurturing the space from which todays innovations can become tomorrows leading, trusted brands, because at Saudi Masterbaker Ltd., everyday is a new adventure, a new journey waiting to happen.

Being one the leading manufacturers of Cup Cakes and Sambosa Leaves in the world, our products have a very strong presence locally, regionally and globally. We export to U.K., South Africa, Canada, Yemen, GCC Countries, Iraq and Syria. SML, part of the SWITZ Group , has business affiliations in - UAE, Qatar Oman Saudi Arabia, Philippines and India.
Business Lines
  • Cup Cakes and Sambosa Leaves
Head Office

P.O.Box 7091 - Dammam 31462

Saudi Arabia (Dammam)