Novarroz’s mission is to transform, commercialize and place on the market products of quality, mainly rice; safe as far as Food safety is concerned

Portugal (Oliveira de Azemeis)

Rice Carolinos from Portugal

A range of fragrant Carolino type rice, the main variety produced and consumed in Portugal. Characterised by its creamy texture.
Product Details
This variety is perfect for absorbing the flavours of seasonings. Ideal for dishes with a sauce. Produced from harvests chosen from the main production areas in Portugal. Novarroz presents: Carolino do Mondego/ Carolino do Tejo/ Carolino do Sado
Business TypeManufacturer
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43 Adaes - Rua da Moura

Portugal (Oliveira de Azemeis)

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Joao Andrade

Export Sales Manager
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English، French، Spanish