Is a family company founded in 1970 with more than 40 years experience in the branch of manufacturing industrial machinery (profile formers, hydraulic punching machines, forging machines; propane furnaces, hydraulic press brakes, shears etc.)

Spain (Girona)

Welding positioner TS10

Is equipped with a control panel that makes it one of the most complete and reliable of its kind in the market: it can make continuous and discontinuous welding, work in manual and automatic modes, be programmed in grades, overlapping programming...
Product Details
TS10 is compatible with any welding equipment in the market, no matter whether it is old or modern. It rules the welding machine authorizing the place where the welding starts and where it ends.

Different working modes:

• Manual: When the worker activates the pedal, the plate moves and when he releases the pedal, the plate stops.
• Automatic: The worker places a piece on the TS10 plate, activated the pedal and the welding positioner indicates the machine to start up welding and stop in the programmed point. The operative only has to put the piesces in and take them off.
• Robot mode: El TS10 activates the welding Robot so it moves to the piece and activates the welding operation. It's compatible with any welding Robot.
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Spain (Girona)

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David Prada Casadevall

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