Is a family company founded in 1970 with more than 40 years experience in the branch of manufacturing industrial machinery (profile formers, hydraulic punching machines, forging machines; propane furnaces, hydraulic press brakes, shears etc.)

Spain (Girona)

MC650 Section and Pipe Bending Machine

Is ideal for manufacturing flanges, greenhouses, railings, large structures for construction and all types of circular figures in different small and large sections and tubes.
Product Details
Is made of welded and machined sheet steel, making it very tough and stable. It is ideal for manufacturing flanges, greenhouses, railings, large structures for buildings such as circular beams for roofs, domes, bridge abutments, metal pergolas, curved marquees, structures for tunnels...
• Three traction rollers, ideal and essential to bend round pipe, with smooth surface not to get the pipe or profile damaged.
• Safe transmision by treated and flat pinions.
• Steel treated and rectified axis.
• Improved energy efficiency.
• Electro-hydraulic operation.
• Axis diameter: Lower 65 mm / Higher 80 mm
• Useful length of axis:​ 130 mm.
• Diameter of rollers:​ 202 mm
• Max. bending capacity in round pipes:​ 4 inches or 101,6mm.
• Bending limits programmable with potentiometers.
• It's equipped with 9 standard rollers by means of which you can make all kinds of profiles. Square pipe, rectangular, solid square bar, round and rectangular, U profile, T profile, angle, flat bar, edge flat bar...
• Horizontal and vertical working position, without needing to fit special accessories.
• Side corrector rollers to rule the bending operation supplied as standard with the machine.
• Straightener rollers to curve angles supplied as standard with the machine.
• Engine power:​ 3 KW / 4 CV
• Hydraulic motor power:​ 0.75 KW / 1 CV
• 3-phased tension:​ 230/400 V
• Rollers speed:​ 5 RPM.
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Spain (Girona)

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