Founded in 1999, dedicated to commercialization and manufacture of equipment for the extractive industry of inerts. Metalomarao offers a wide range of products, ranging from simple structures, to chutes, machinery, and complete installations

Portugal (Porto)


The metalomarão has 4 types of washers for the various types of desired wash treatments
Product Details
The Bucket wheel washers metalomarão are used for dewatering inert, making the recovery of sand contained in water from other washing equipment, limiting the possible loss of fines.

The trommel washers metalomarão are used for washing/disaggregation of aggregates, having a simple principle of operation and low maintenance, allow optimal efficiency for washing, disaggregation and separation of materials, namely, clay materials and work in counter flow ensuring optimum performance.

The log washers metalomarão are for cleaning thick materials with high content of clay, thanks to forced and continued friction generated by the two axles, removes the lands and clays contained inert.

The screw Washers Metalomarão intended for washing and dewatering fine particles consist of a settling tank that allows the precipitation of the denser materials and the suspension of the less dense.
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Portugal (Porto)