Founded in 1999, dedicated to commercialization and manufacture of equipment for the extractive industry of inerts. Metalomarao offers a wide range of products, ranging from simple structures, to chutes, machinery, and complete installations

Portugal (Porto)


The metalomarĂ£o conveyors are able to meet any need for moving products in various industrial plants
Product Details
Its modular construction for easy assembly allows an optimization in logistical issues, including transport which is reflected a significant reduction in costs.

They are designed to fit each application to ensure optimal performance at the lowest cost of investment and operation.

The metalomarĂ£o has a range of conveyor belts manufactured in truss structure for the transport of medium and large capacity may be fixed or rotatable, and also a slight range to transport low capacities manufactured in UPN profiles.
Business TypeManufacturer
Head Office

Rua de Mem Gundar No1048 - Apartado 78 4600-642 Gondar - Amarante

Portugal (Porto)