Founded in 1999, dedicated to commercialization and manufacture of equipment for the extractive industry of inerts. Metalomarao offers a wide range of products, ranging from simple structures, to chutes, machinery, and complete installations

Portugal (Porto)


The clarifiers metalomarĂ£o are used for recovery of inert water in wash processes. Constructed in several modules bolt may be applied with a metallic bottom and fixation legs or applied directly to the concrete slab while maintaining its efficiency
Product Details
The settling tank has a deposit where it is made a mixture with dirty water from the washing and with the flocculant prepared from the stainless steel deposit (preparer flocculant).This mixture is introduced into the settling tank where inside the formed flocs are precipitated to the bottom, while the clarified water is evacuated to the tank clean/clarified water, it has a clean water partition to restore levels, while that the other party has the clarified water that incomes from the decanter and then reused in washing.

Pelleted particles will form a sludge bed which is swept into the bottom of the tank, through the action of rotating blades that incorporates, and this sludge is extracted by a sludge pump with timer.
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Portugal (Porto)