Gulf Food Products Co.

Our product range covers many foods that are popular all over the world, including jams, fruit preserves, tomato past, ketchup, sauces, vinegar, mayonnaise, and fruit drinks

Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)

Gulf Food Products Profile covers variety of foods that are popular all over the World, Mainly we Produce High Quality Jams& Marmalades, Fruit Preserves, Tomato Paste, Ketchup, Sauces for Steak, Pizza & Spaghetti, Vinegar, and Mayonnaise. In which there is a big demand in the Whole world.

Gulf Food Products provides an exceptional level of support for our international distributors. in addition to the comprehensive Products Profile & Technical Support, we make it our priority to visit our customers at least once a year to offer on-site support, working together to develop and improve our product marketing and distribution.

Our state of the art Production facilities enable us to cater to all Market Channels; Our Products are produced to fulfill the needs of Modern Trade, Wholesale, Retail Stores, Key Accounts, Catering and HORECA. In line with our Main Brands, we also Produce Private Label Requirements for Some of the well-known Brands in the world. We are also proud on being main suppliers for the Jordanian Armed Forces, Qatari Armed Forces as well as the Military Consumer Establishment and Civil Consumer Establishment, Kuwaiti Co-Operatives, and many hospitals and international hotels. We also supply bulk-packaged products, such as fruit fillings, for manufacturers of dairy products, bakeries, as well as cake and Confectionaries manufacturers across the Middle East.

Gulf Food Products stands strong with its Flag Brand HELLO. Our famous slogan Say Hello to Quality, Which means there is no compromise when it comes to quality production, Our R&D continuously strives to introduce New high quality products. Every Production is inspected and tested in our Laboratories, Our QA\QC Monitors and randomly inspects Production Cycles, Raw Materials, Packaging and finished goods.
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  • Food industries
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P.O.Box 365 - Riyadh 11383

Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)