Euromid Levante S.L.

Euromid Levante is a company located in the East Coast of Spain with more than 30 years of experience in the commercialization, import and export of a wide range of products with destination to European and Arab markets

Spain (Castellón)

Honey of Eucalyptus 454 Gr

Amber colouredhoney. Wet wood aroma, very thick and persistent. Sweet taste with light acid notes.
Product Details
• Usefull life: 24 Months
• Storage conditions: Keep in a cool and dry place.
• Packing: 12 Units units per box with 80 Boxes boxxes per pallet
• Reference: AM0702
Business TypeTrading Company
Head Office

Calle Cerdan de Tallada 2C - P.O.Box 12004 Castellon

Spain (Castellón)

Commercial Contact

Mutaman El Abdulla

Communication Languages
Arabic، English، Spanish