Conserves Taanayel (Chtaura)

Conserves Taanayel was established back in 2005 as a subsidiary of the middle east commercial center MECC

Lebanon (Zahle)

Our fast growing company reached many regions including Lebanon and abroad.

Concerning Lebanon, the company has many distributors charged in different regions from Bekaa (Baalbeck, Zahle, West Bekaa....) reaching Beirut, and from the North (Tripoli, Akkar, Batroun...) reaching the South (Sour, Saida....).

After two years from launching the industry, it has quickly been known in many countries such as: Canada, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, France, Italy....

We must not forget the Arabic area and its influence improving the production listing: Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan...

The company will not stop growing, it looks forward a more efficient role which can be reached due to its truth and confidence into its interaction and behaving with clients.
Business TypeManufacturer
Head Office

Bekaa - Taanayel

Lebanon (Zahle)