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Hammoudeh Food Industries Co. is considered one of the leading manufacturing institutions in Jordan. Hammoudeh Food Industries Co. depends primarily on fresh milk, sourced from its own farm, in the production of a wide range of dairy products
Amman (Jordan)
 Northen Marka - P.O.Box 330488 Amman 11133 Jordan
The manufacturing of Halva (Halawa) and Tahini (Tahina) was harmonized with Al-Kasih Family in Jordan whereas Haj Reslan Kasih had established the first factory for tahini and halva
Al-Zarka'a (Jordan)
 P.O.Box 150 Zarqa, 13110 Jordan
Sama Food Industries exists to give its consumers and partners the quality of beverages and foods
Amman (Jordan)
 King Abdullah II Industrial state - P.O.Box 110050, Amman 11110
Our product range covers many foods that are popular all over the world, including jams, fruit preserves, tomato past, ketchup, sauces, vinegar, mayonnaise, and fruit drinks
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
 P.O.Box 365 - Riyadh 11383
Exotic Materials for Juices and Foods Manufacturing Co. (EMJF) was established in 2011 to produce, supply and deliver premium quality foods and beverages across Jordan and the MENA region
Amman (Jordan)
 Marka Bridge - Pepsi St. - P.O.Box 930324 Amman 11193 Jordan
Defaf Al-Nahreen Company is a producer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. The Defaf Al-Nahreen Company has 250 employees that are highly trained for each to do the job at its highest classifications
Amman (Jordan)
 Al Qastal
Ithmar’s mission is to be the prime choice for customers, delivering outstanding qualities of food products, along with a great service at a competitive cost through working simpler, faster and with excellence
Amman (Jordan)
 P.O.Box 292 - Amman 11623 Jordan
The group is committed to provide the best services & products that money of its clients can buy such will be accomplished by developing its staff & innovating its technology, reducing its operating cost & passing this advantage to the clients
Amman (Jordan)
 King Abdullah II Industrial City - Amman Industrial Estate – Sahab
Amana Foods produces a wide range of food products, but its main focus is on processing halal meats. It produces numerous types of refrigerated delicatessen meats such as smoked and flavored chicken, turkey, and beef hams, roasts and others
Amman (Jordan)
 P.O.Box 852279
Manufacturer of plastic and derived products through quality, innovation and after sales support
Amman (Jordan)
 North Marka - Al Zahra Area - Bilal Ibn Al Hareth St. - P.O.Box 425590