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The group is committed to provide the best services & products that money of its clients can buy such will be accomplished by developing its staff & innovating its technology, reducing its operating cost & passing this advantage to the clients
Amman (Jordan)
 King Abdullah II Industrial City - Amman Industrial Estate – Sahab
United tube packaging Industry Co. Ltd. (UNITUBE) was established in 1992 at King Abdullah II Industrial estate. The first production line was commissioned during July 1993 for plastic collapsible tubes
Amman (Jordan)
 Abdullah II Ben Al Hussein Industrial Estate - P.O.Box 1256 Amman 11118
The first production process of Siniora was in Jerusalem in 1920, the city which the brand name has been related to for years; the factory was moved to one of the city suburbs on a 11km space area after the Nakba in 1948
Amman (Jordan)
 King Abdulla II bin Al Hussein Industry Estate - P.O.Box 191
The Saudi Jordanian Industrial Development Co. was established back in 1999 as a moderate manufacturing facility within the confectionery sector of the food industry
Amman (Jordan)
 P.O.Box 165 sahab, 11512 Jordan
Sama Food Industries exists to give its consumers and partners the quality of beverages and foods
Amman (Jordan)
 King Abdullah II Industrial state - P.O.Box 110050, Amman 11110
Started in the 1950 the Hosh family relationship with chocolate was and still is a flourishing love affair. The business went through a number of phases where it grew from strength to strength
Amman (Jordan)
 P.O.Box 850659 Amman 11185, Jordan
The manufacturing of Halva (Halawa) and Tahini (Tahina) was harmonized with Al-Kasih Family in Jordan whereas Haj Reslan Kasih had established the first factory for tahini and halva
Al-Zarka'a (Jordan)
 P.O.Box 150 Zarqa, 13110 Jordan
Jopellets is a family buisness, started october 1980 based in the heart of Jordan (Amman) we are the first in the middle east to start pellets production
Amman (Jordan)
 Amman Jordan
Ithmar’s mission is to be the prime choice for customers, delivering outstanding qualities of food products, along with a great service at a competitive cost through working simpler, faster and with excellence
Amman (Jordan)
 P.O.Box 292 - Amman 11623 Jordan
Hijazi and Ghosheh Company in 1985 which introduced itself as a distinguished name in the world of industry and trade with a view to providing all Kinds of livestock and the best kinds of red and white meat at competitive prices
Amman (Jordan)
 North Marka - Mustafa Arrifaai St. - Building No. 1 - P.O.Box 183292 Amman 11118 Jordan