Albarakeh Food Industry

Albarakeh food leads the way of taste for several food products. It has created a comprehensive concept in which the desired taste, product quality and efficient manufacturing are combined

Jordan (Amman)

Founded pond for food industries in 1995. In the Giza area has been designed so that there is construction special warehouse of raw materials as well as a warehouse for the goods under the processing and warehouse materials ready for loading and shipping in addition to the lounge, as well as the production of separate offices of the administration.

Depends Corporation pond for food industries policy development & continuous updating in order to satisfy and meet the needs of the consumer to get the product to the highest level of quality with appropriate prices for all consumers. Adopted the organization principle of development and the development of competencies and skills of the employees technically and administratively, to deliver the product to the highest level of physical fitness to the application of standards & specifications not only in Jordan but to suit the specifications & standards to achieve the goals of senior management in the delivery of our products to foreign market which has been achieved through our entry to many Arab countries and we look forward to enter international markets through Mozeian & new agents are competent.

We are proud that our product is now sold in all the cities of Jordan and the top shelves in most malls and grocery stores because of its special taste and quality in production, in addition to marketing based on shared responsibility between us and the wholesale and retail to serve the consumer.

Foundation Baraka produce many varieties & depend continuously on the development and diversification of these items where I started this organization to produce tomato paste in glass containers in several sizes & ketchup Bahjammeh & types & then the company has developed product lines with and add jam to the list of types, and then developed a production lines for the production of tomato paste in cans and finally added to the list of their types and forms of Bahjammeh vinegar, orange blossom water, rose water and mayonnaise.
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  • Food industries
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Al-Jezah after Airport St. - P.O.Box 23 Amman 11621 Jordan

Jordan (Amman)