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Albarakeh food leads the way of taste for several food products. It has created a comprehensive concept in which the desired taste, product quality and efficient manufacturing are combined
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
Al-Jezah after Airport St. - P.O.Box 23 Amman 11621 Jordan Al-Jezah after Airport St. - P.O.Box 23 Amman 11621 Jordan
00962795088180 00962795088180
Food production especially nuts, seeds, spices and coffee. We export our products to all Arabic countries
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
Al Moqableen - Al Karantal St. - Building 5 Al Moqableen - Al Karantal St. - Building 5
0096264202231 0096264202231
Amana Foods produces a wide range of food products, but its main focus is on processing halal meats. It produces numerous types of refrigerated delicatessen meats such as smoked and flavored chicken, turkey, and beef hams, roasts and others
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
P.O.Box 852279 P.O.Box 852279
00962644030405060 00962644030405060
With more than 30 years experience in the food trading, processing, and distribution, Al-Wadi supplies essential FMCGs and offers its clients attractive promotional activities that are essential to their growth and success
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
Zarqa Highway - P.O.Box 340833 Amman 11134 Jordan Zarqa Highway - P.O.Box 340833 Amman 11134 Jordan
0096264891254 0096264891254
Established in February 1980 as a result of a study which identified a great market need, and also with a view contributing in food security which became an urgent need in Jordan as a developed country facing manifold challenges
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
Baqqa - P.O.Box 927132 Amman 11190 Jordan Baqqa - P.O.Box 927132 Amman 11190 Jordan
0096265344781 0096265344781
Defaf Al-Nahreen Company is a producer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. The Defaf Al-Nahreen Company has 250 employees that are highly trained for each to do the job at its highest classifications
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
Al Qastal Al Qastal
0096264716800 0096264716800
Industrial limited company, specialized in the manufacturing of high quality products, and legalized in Jordan with nr.(18004).
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
Amman Jordan Amman Jordan
0096264020983 0096264020983
Exotic Materials for Juices and Foods Manufacturing Co. (EMJF) was established in 2011 to produce, supply and deliver premium quality foods and beverages across Jordan and the MENA region
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
Marka Bridge - Pepsi St. - P.O.Box 930324 Amman 11193 Jordan Marka Bridge - Pepsi St. - P.O.Box 930324 Amman 11193 Jordan
0096264790700 0096264790700
Started production on October, 2004 with ours premium brand golden chicken for chicken bouillon cubes, catering size of chicken stock powder and Demi-Glace
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
P.O.Box 926425 Amman - 11190 Jordan P.O.Box 926425 Amman - 11190 Jordan
0096264206968 0096264206968
Hammoudeh Food Industries Co. is considered one of the leading manufacturing institutions in Jordan. Hammoudeh Food Industries Co. depends primarily on fresh milk, sourced from its own farm, in the production of a wide range of dairy products
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
Northen Marka - P.O.Box 330488 Amman 11133 Jordan Northen Marka - P.O.Box 330488 Amman 11133 Jordan
0096264886261 0096264886261