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Al-Timimi Group For Engineering Industries
Was established more than 30 years ago, starting out as a small maintenance service factory for plastic molding machines. It later became a large congregation of four industrial sections serving various engineering fields
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Rasheed - Al-Wazierria Industrial City - M. 30 - Z. 13 - Building 16 - P.O.Box 24040 Al-Rasheed - Al-Wazierria Industrial City - M. 30 - Z. 13 - Building 16 - P.O.Box 24040
0096414259961 0096414259961
Al-Usool General Trading Company Ltd.
Offers a wide range of industrial equipment and machinery to Iraq
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Wahda District - no. 904 - St. 99 - Building 88 Al-Wahda District - no. 904 - St. 99 - Building 88
009647400242468 009647400242468
Al-Waidh For Comuters
Is the only company in Iraq with a converted compatible to work with voltages diameter and with a quick response to changes in load custom medical devices and space stations
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Industry St. - Opposite to Technology University Industry St. - Opposite to Technology University
0096417170526 0096417170526
Al-Yaqut Group
Provide services in the management of customs operations, control systems support pipes oil production facilities, equipment maintenance, planning, construction and management of import and export
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Yarmouk District Area - Code 612 - St. 16 - Building 36 Al-Yarmouk District Area - Code 612 - St. 16 - Building 36
009647901909737 009647901909737
Alzahrawan Co.
Alzahrawan company is one of the Iraqi companies in the field of trade and general contracting and oil services
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al jame'a Quarter - Near Sayed Ali Mosque Al jame'a Quarter - Near Sayed Ali Mosque
009647714331770 009647714331770
Andaziar Co.
Specialized facilities and the implementation of the flooring and installation of machinery and equipment and supplies sports stadiums
Dohuk (Iraq)Dohuk (Iraq)
Shakhke Sector Shakhke Sector
009647703036255 009647703036255
Arad Al Jabal Company
A company specialized in general trade, import, export and transportation of materials and goods inside and outside Iraq
Erbil (Iraq)Erbil (Iraq)
Bakhtiari - 20 Street Bakhtiari - 20 Street
009647511160102 009647511160102
Ashur International Bank
Specialized in the field of services and investment banking products, which sets standards in this area with increasing demand for products and investment banking services in the region and the world
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
P.O.Box 3636 P.O.Box 3636
009641718792 009641718792
Asli Nova Paint
Asli Nova manufactures and distributes quality home and commercial paints that create the perfect finish. Experts in Asli Nova are taking care of paint manufacturing to make the product reliable and trustable. For enquiries please visit the website
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Near the Industrial Bank Zaafaraniya Branch Near the Industrial Bank Zaafaraniya Branch
009647737595294 009647737595294
Atlas Castle Group
It provides (air, sea and land freight services, import and export, customs clearance, door to door transportation, consultancy and general services, search for all products, logistical support)
Najaf (Iraq)Najaf (Iraq)
Al Ghadr District - Al Ghadeer Karama St. - opposite the Husynia Fatima Al Zahra Mosque Al Ghadr District - Al Ghadeer Karama St. - opposite the Husynia Fatima Al Zahra Mosque
009647804905654 009647804905654