Les Câbleries Electriques d'Alger (CABEL)

The first cables factory in Algeria, it started its activities in 1942. Manufactures and sells electric cables in accordance with international standards IEC and NF-VDE BSI

Algeria (Alger)

Low Voltage Cables - Rigid Cables 450/750 V

Used in electrical wiring system, wiring of electric apparatus or boards, house appliances and office equipments
Product Details
Standard: IEC 60 227.

• Core: in solid copper, class 1.
• Insulation: PVC coloured.

• Nominal voltage: 450/750 volt.
• Maximum temperature of the core:
- 70C in continuous operating condition.
- 160C in short circuit conditions.

• Electrical wiring system, wiring of electric apparatus or boards.
• House appliances and office equipments.
Business TypeManufacturer
Head Office

Route Nationale - 38 Gue de Constantine Alger

Algeria (Alger)