Danish Jordanian Dairy Co. (Baladna)

Established in February 1980 as a result of a study which identified a great market need, and also with a view contributing in food security which became an urgent need in Jordan as a developed country facing manifold challenges

Jordan (Amman)

Baladna Yoghurt

100 % Pasteurized fresh skimmed cow milk
Product Details
No preservatives or artificial colors added, sizes: 200 gr, 350 gr, 500 gr, 750 gr, 1000 gr, 1800 gr, 2000 gr.

It is used in cooking and has several household uses. Among its benefits is slows down the signs of old aging, and prevents the decay of calls and bodily functions, and keeps them sound for the longest period possible.

It also became evident to researchers that it helps to eliminate bacteria that can cause virulent diseases and blockages.

Also, it is considered ideal as a food for sick people, particularly those suffering from tuberculosis and food poisoning.

Moreover, it also helps in eliminating tumors and cancerous growths in the digestive system.
Business TypeManufacturer
Head Office

Baqqa - P.O.Box 927132 Amman 11190 Jordan

Jordan (Amman)