Artifex Instant S.R.O.

Artifex is a manufacturing company focused on the production of granulated instant beverages

Czech Republic (Toužim)

Artifex is a manufacturing company focused on the production of granulated instant beverages. The company also produces custom packaging for individual customers.
The company is capable of satisfying demands for various types of packaging and various types of granulation. Its manufacturing output also includes custom mixes based upon the customer’s demands. The company has a wide range of packaging equipment and is poised to react to the latest trends in the packaging field.

1998: production activities united with those of ARTIFEX INSTANT, s.r.o. Production of instant beverages begins. The company has 12 employees and a 600 m2 production area.
1999: the production area is expanded to 1400 m2 and the company now has 22 workers.
2000: the company now has 35 employees working two shifts. The company purchases its own PET packaging manufacturing line.
2002: an investment is made into its own production hall, with an area of 2100 m2.
2003: now employing 60 people, the company’s annual production of granulated instant beverages is 2000 tonnes.
2004: types of packaging equipment are constantly expanded
2005: the company begins to specialize in the manufacture of instant beverages for infants and toddlers
2006: the company begins to function as a copacker for a multinational corporations
2007: new technology is purchased and cooperation with multinational corporations is expanded

The company is one of the largest producers of instant drinks for children in Europe.
Its products are exported throughout Europe and to Kuwait, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Libya.
The company’s capacity is 3300 tonnes of granulated beverages per year.
There are 55 employees.
Business Lines
  • Food industries
  • Beverages
Business TypeManufacturer
Head Office

364 01 Toužim

Czech Republic (Toužim)

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Lucie Snoblova

Forgein Affairs
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