Arbel Pulse Grain Industry and Trade S.A. (Arbel Bakliyat Hububat Sanayi ve Ticaret)

Arbel is one of the largest lentil and pea splitting company in the world with over 65 years of global marketing experience. Our products are lentil,chickpea,pea, bean, durum wheat semolina, pasta, rice and bulgur wheat.

Turkey (Mersin)


Chickpeas are the seed of the annual plant Cicer arietinum, of the pea (Fabaceae, or leguminosae) family, widely grown for its nutritious seeds.
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The oldest records of the cultivated chickpea are from Turkey. Historians assume that the crop spread globally from that area to the Middle East and North Africa. Today, chickpeas are popular throughout China, India, North and Eastern Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australia. Chickpeas are consumed fresh as green vegetable, parched, fried, roasted and boiled. They are also consumed as a snack food, sweets and condiments. They are also ground into flour and used to make soup, bread and sweetmeats.
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Yeni Mahalle - Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No 73/4 - 33281 Kazanlı

Turkey (Mersin)

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Onur Ozdemir

General Manager
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