Al-Watania Poultry

Al-Watania Poultry is a prominent economically milestone on the local and regional level.

Saudi Arabia (Buraydah)

Al-Watania Poultry covers an area of over 230 square kilometers in Qassim region, the project is a prominent economically milestone on the local and regional level .. And referred as one of the largest projects producing Poultry meat and its products in the world,, which is located 25 kilometers north of the city of Buraidah in Qassim, It is a bright signs for the Saudi economy, with all the facilities and unique capabilities, cutting-edge technology is the newest of its kind in this area. What distinguishes this project is the inclusion of different units in one geographical area and with inside all sections of the project and other sections from residential units, mosques, restaurants, roads, water systems, electricity and communication networks, which makes it a integrated village in the heart of the Qassim region.

It is a giant project .. it is the result of a very hard work and significant investment, and it is enough to realize that investment size of the project is currently exceeded six thousand million Saudi riyals.
Business Lines
  • Frozen Chciken
  • Fresh Chicken
Business TypeManufacturer
Head Office

P.O.Box 1181 - Buraidah 81999

Saudi Arabia (Buraydah)