Al-Tuwairqi Holding Co.

Is one of the leading business concerns in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has become a well-known name in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to its monolithic steel manufacturing activities

Saudi Arabia (Dammam)

Welded Wire Mesh

It is equipped with a state-of-the-art welding machine that produces high-quality products in adherence to both local and international guidelines for manufacturing welded wire mesh
Product Details
Some of the benefits we offer our customers include precise size, unique spacing, high strength and flat surface welding. We use a signature automated weaving technique and a mesh welding machine that allow us to produce high-quality welded wire mesh at economical prices.
Welded wire mesh is also a steel reinforcement material used in concrete structures. AL-FAISAL STEEL’s welded wire mesh is strong and durable. The mesh can be used to replace conventional cut & bend mesh. Welded mesh is a combination of welded and pre-assembled reinforcements. It is composed of an arrangement of parallel and longitudinal wires with a precise spatial array welded to cross wires at pre-defined spacing. This spacing is defined by national and global standards, such as ASTM A 497, BS 4483, DIN 488 and SASO.
Welded wire mesh is made of high-quality steel wire through a pre-programmed and automated process using complex welding techniques. This produces a mesh with precise dimensional control, a top-notch product with considerable savings in time and labor costs.
Head Office

P.O.Box 7600 - Dammam 31472

Saudi Arabia (Dammam)