Adler Technologies

ADLER Technologies and FIMEC Technologies (an expert company in design, manufacture, installation and start-up of automated material handling systems) are subsidiaries of the Materials Technologies group

France (Oise)

Handling and conveying

Adler Technologies offers versatile and efficient solutions to automate your handling.
Product Details
Material handling technology

Fresh product line:
• Press outlet belt conveyor with frequency control for fragile goods motion control;
• Chain elevators - 8 to 12 levels;
• Transfer cars, for fresh products curing storage and product recovery at the end of the curing process, 8 to 12 levels with a 7.5 to 18 tons loading capacity;
• Lowerators;
• Unloaders;
• Pallets turnover equipment;
• Pallets return conveyor.

Set of solutions based on grib or palletizing robots.

Pallet outlet:
A full range of pallet evacuation line:
• Pallet warehouse
• Mono-pallet, bi-pallet or quadric-pallet trolley with storage device.
• Roller conveyor.
• Slate conveyor.
Business TypeManufacturer
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Route de la Borde - 60360 Crevecoeur-Le-Grand

France (Oise)

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Fernando De Almeida

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