Adiform Preformados S.L.

Provides technical and formal solutions to all construction and functional needs of the work in dry wall

Spain (Barcelona)

Taking as basic material the Plaster Board, we do dessign any kind of shapes "pre-formed", with any kind of angles as well as curved shapes for
interiors architecture and decoration purposes.

The standard pieces: right-angle in "L", the"U" shapes, in curb forms or "Z", a.s.o. are made for general small decoration purposes.

The special pieces, under the specifications of constructive planes,
are made for big building works, supermarkets, theatres, convention halls, shoping centers, a.s.o.

We do prepare the pieces in our factory and send them already prepared and ready for installation.
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  • Arab Maghreb
  • Europe
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  • Europe
Business TypeManufacturer
Head Office

08203 Sabadell - Bruc 122

Spain (Barcelona)

Commercial Contact

Francesc Marti Palau

Export & Marketing Manager
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English، French، Spanish، Deutsch، Italian