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The major objective of the company is to maintain the leadership in producing high quality
Jauf (Saudi Arabia)
 P.O.Box 321
Specialized in Installation of artificial grass for stadiums and landscapes, and also instillation of rubber courts for volley ball, basket ball playgrounds and tracks
Al-Khubar (Saudi Arabia)
 Al-Thoqbah - Cross Riyadh St. - P.O.Box 8704
Nadec is the first and biggest agricultural share-stock company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, committed to delivering excellent quality products and services by executing innovative strategies each day
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
 P.O.Box 2557 - Riyadh 11461
Fishing, shrimp farming aquaculture together with the manufacturing, processing and marketing of seafood as well as shrimp farming for both Saudi Arabian and international markets
Dammam (Saudi Arabia)
 P.O.Box 6535 - Dammam 31452
Is a pioneer in print and an innovator of design concepts
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
 Al Bawadi - Younes Al Adeeb St
The foundry is equipped to produce a full range of castings in grey, ductile iron, steel and non ferrous alloys, as per customer’s requirements and according to international standards
Dammam (Saudi Arabia)
 2nd Industrial City - P.O.Box 8491
Specializing in building and construction industry and contribute to the age of the Kingdom of the best types of concrete products
Abha (Saudi Arabia)
 Bani Malik Road
Leader in the production and marketing of all kind of red-brick and measuring
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
 P.O.Box 8128 - Jeddah 21482
Is a group of companies producing rubber and fiberglass with high quality and reasonable prices
Dammam (Saudi Arabia)
 2nd Industrial City - Hail St. - P.O.Box 14052
At ATI Electronics we believe in customer satisfaction. Each and every one of us at ATI Electronics has been chosen for their exceptional caliber and high values
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
 Al Ruwais Dist. - Hail Street - Al Baroom Commercial Center - I Floor - Jeddah 23213