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Saudi Arabia Business Directory
We are producing high quality plastic pallets according to the international standards with a competetive prices. You can select your color and have your own logo printed on your pallets
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
 P.O.Box 50983 - Jeddah 21533
Supernatural Commercial is considered as one of the largest institutions with a commercial activity in Saudi Arabia. We are specialized in producing tea express
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
 Honorary Neighborhood - King Abdullah Road - P.O.Box 101
Manufacturing and marketing of snack foods
Buraydah (Saudi Arabia)
 First Industrial City
Using the state of the art production facilities, and a high proportion of locally grown raw materials, we specialize in the processing, distributing, and marketing of a wide range high quality, value added food products, targeted at Saudi families
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
 P.O.Box 131 Riyadh 11383
Our product range covers many foods that are popular all over the world, including jams, fruit preserves, tomato past, ketchup, sauces, vinegar, mayonnaise, and fruit drinks
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
 P.O.Box 365 - Riyadh 11383
Nadec is the first and biggest agricultural share-stock company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, committed to delivering excellent quality products and services by executing innovative strategies each day
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
 P.O.Box 2557 - Riyadh 11461
Rowad Plastic Group is considered as one of the leading industrial plastic products manufacturing, being in the field of specialized engineering plastic conversion. Its quality products spread in more than 30 countries all over the world
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
 Second Industrial City - P.O. Box 29452 Riyadh 11457
Fishing, shrimp farming aquaculture together with the manufacturing, processing and marketing of seafood as well as shrimp farming for both Saudi Arabian and international markets
Dammam (Saudi Arabia)
 P.O.Box 6535 - Dammam 31452
Is one of the biggest and eldest factories in the kingdom of Saudi arabia which specializes in the field of manufacturing and producing of foods stuff and characterized by various high quality of its products
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
 Riyadh 39930 - P.O.Box 11489
Al-Wedyan National Company for Food Products Ltd. is a leading food canning company in Saudi Arabia established in the year 1995. Having an annual capacity of 28.8 million cans (1.2 million cartons) we produce various types of canned beans and peas
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
 Jeddah Industrial City - Phase IV - P.O.Box 19291 - Jeddah 21435