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Faconex has reinvented the Cotton Candy and Pop Corn taking it from an artisan product into a high quality manufactured one. Many flavors are offered for the first time in international markets
Rabat (Morocco)Rabat (Morocco)
Zone Industrial Ain Atio P.O.Box 12040 Zone Industrial Ain Atio P.O.Box 12040
00212537749667 00212537749667
We started in 1948, as a small production unit in Casablanca and soon became a flourishing confectionery and chocolate company in 1954. We constantly invest our time and efforts in order to produce quality products and satisfy our customers
Casablanca (Morocco)Casablanca (Morocco)
20200 Casablanca - 45 rue Ennasrine Beausejour 20200 Casablanca - 45 rue Ennasrine Beausejour
0021222365791 0021222365791
A.b Phosphates Maroc s.a.r.l.
Phosphate fertilizers and animal feeds
Tanger (Morocco)Tanger (Morocco)
90000 Tanger - Rue De Liban Ang. Av. Tantan - Résidence Lina - Floor 7 - N°63 90000 Tanger - Rue De Liban Ang. Av. Tantan - Résidence Lina - Floor 7 - N°63
00212539945496 00212539945496
Founded in Morocco in 1993, Agrifertil specializes in the manufacture of organic fertilizers and fertilizer in liquid and solid
El Jadida (Morocco)El Jadida (Morocco)
158 Zone Industrielle El Jadida 158 Zone Industrielle El Jadida
00212523377044 00212523377044
Ain Tissouat d'Agriculture
Specialize in exporting fruits and vegetables
Kenitra (Morocco)Kenitra (Morocco)
14030 Kenitra - Zone Industrielle Bir Rami - lot.20 14030 Kenitra - Zone Industrielle Bir Rami - lot.20
00212537366101 00212537366101
Aliments pour Volailles Eddik (Eddik)
Manufacture and sale of poultry and livestock food
Berrechid (Morocco)Berrechid (Morocco)
26100 Berrechid- Zone Industrielle - Route Brincipale N° 7 - km 4.5 26100 Berrechid- Zone Industrielle - Route Brincipale N° 7 - km 4.5
00212522325953 00212522325953
Charaf Corporation
Specialize in manufacturing all kinds of fertilizers
Casablanca (Morocco)Casablanca (Morocco)
Casablanca - 130 Boulevard Anfa Casablanca - 130 Boulevard Anfa
00212522206261 00212522206261
Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale d'Alimentation (Cicalim s.a.)
Specialized in producing poultry and livestock feeds
Casablanca (Morocco)Casablanca (Morocco)
20600 Casablanca - Route De Rabat "r.p. 1" - Km 9 20600 Casablanca - Route De Rabat "r.p. 1" - Km 9
00212522350903 00212522350903
Fédération des Industries de Transformation et de Valorisation des Produits de la Pêche (FENIP)
Federation of national fishing industries "seafood". Our products are distributed in more than one hundred destinations worldwide
Casablanca (Morocco)Casablanca (Morocco)
Longchamp - 7 Rue El Yarmouk Longchamp - 7 Rue El Yarmouk
00212522365743 00212522365743
Feed and Food Additifs s.a.r.l.
Manufacturing and distributing additives for animal feed
Mohammedia (Morocco)Mohammedia (Morocco)
28810 Mohammedia - Zone Industrielle - lot. Erac N°129 28810 Mohammedia - Zone Industrielle - lot. Erac N°129
00212523301712 00212523301712