Business Directory
Libya Business Directory
Advanced Technology Co.
Is one of the most important suppliers of quality agricultural equipment to the Libyan market
 Tripoli (Libya)
 Omar El Muktar St. - 15/3 Al Hadad Building
Al Dahabiya Co. for Poultry
Al Dahabiya specializes in the field of poultry
 Tripoli (Libya)
 TrĂ­poli City
Al Qualaa for Agricultural Supplies
Specializes in providing agricultural tools
 Tripoli (Libya)
 Al Zahra Road
Export and import of food and agricultural products (vegetables and grains and spices, as well as transplanting and sowing fruit trees and ornamental trees)
 Tripoli (Libya)
 Mashrou El Hadba
Al-Raya Al-Khadra Partnership for Importing Agricultural Equipments
Al-Raya Al-Khadra Partnership for importing Agricultural Equipments, Animals and Elevation requirements, Seeds and exigencies and fishing equipments is one of the partnerships specialized in the agricultural field
 Tripoli (Libya)
 TrĂ­poli City
National Co. for Flour Mills and Fodder
National Company of Mills and Fodder specializes in several activities that include flour milling, production of fodder, production of semolina and noodles
 Tripoli (Libya)
 Ain Zara - P.O.Box 984-80282-310
Shahd Co. for Import Livestock and Meat
Shahd Co. specializes in importing livestock and meat
 Benghazi (Libya)
 Benghazi City
Zaptia Agricultural and Nursery Co.
Zaptia Agricultural and Nursery is a market leader and one of the biggest seed germinators and distributors of professional vegetable seeds and seedling plugs in Libya. We germinate and sell all seed brands available to the farmer in Libya
 Tripoli (Libya)
 KM 12 - Swani-Kremia Road - P.O.Box 83510
Agricultural Bank
The Agricultural Bank is one the major tools of the agricultural revolution in the service of the national economy for more than 45 years
 Tripoli (Libya)
 Area Agheiran " janzour Eastern" - P.O.Box 1100
Al Aman Bank
Provide all services related to commerce and investment
 Tripoli (Libya)
 Zat Al Imad Compound - 3rd Tower - Ground Floor - P.O.Box 91271