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A.B.H Oil Services
The company was founded in 2006 in order to perform and deliver all types of oil services
Tripoli (Libya)Tripoli (Libya)
Trípoli City Trípoli City
00218913231971 00218913231971
Abha Co.
Specialize in the field of IT and cmmunications
Tripoli (Libya)Tripoli (Libya)
P.O.Box 4545 P.O.Box 4545
00218217180745 00218217180745
Abraj Albonian Holding Co.
General contracting company specializes in everything that enters in the process of building and finishing
Tripoli (Libya)Tripoli (Libya)
Omar Mukhtar St. - In Front of the Military College for Girls Omar Mukhtar St. - In Front of the Military College for Girls
00218917367760 00218917367760
Advanced Technology Co.
Is one of the most important suppliers of quality agricultural equipment to the Libyan market
Tripoli (Libya)Tripoli (Libya)
Omar El Muktar St. - 15/3 Al Hadad Building Omar El Muktar St. - 15/3 Al Hadad Building
00218214449236 00218214449236
Afaq Al Ghad
We specialize in the field of information technology by providing several services such as developing websites and networks, protection services and access control and we use the latest software and technologies for programming
Misurata (Libya)Misurata (Libya)
2nd Ring - Ras Al Touta 2nd Ring - Ras Al Touta
00218915203520 00218915203520
Afwag for Pre Engineered Buildings Co.
Batches of a General Contracting company specializing in metal buildings, prior processing, a company of the Libyan capital contribution Libyian 100%, and the main Omqrha in Benghazi, and working in the field of general contracting
Benghazi (Libya)Benghazi (Libya)
Bu-Atney "Kwadeek Road" - P.O.Box 5765 Bu-Atney "Kwadeek Road" - P.O.Box 5765
00218613371046 00218613371046
AGAR Enterprises and Oil Services Co.
AGAR Enterprises and Oil Services was established in 1991, as an independent enterprise and oil services company, specialized in mechanical, civil construction and maintenance
Tripoli (Libya)Tripoli (Libya)
AL Seyahya - P.O.Box 2352 AL Seyahya - P.O.Box 2352
00218214837884 00218214837884
Agricultural Bank
The Agricultural Bank is one the major tools of the agricultural revolution in the service of the national economy for more than 45 years
Tripoli (Libya)Tripoli (Libya)
Area Agheiran " janzour Eastern" - P.O.Box 1100 Area Agheiran " janzour Eastern" - P.O.Box 1100
00218214870586 00218214870586
Ahlia Cement Co.
Cement and building materials national
Khoms (Libya)Khoms (Libya)
khoms - P.O.Box 40200 khoms - P.O.Box 40200
00218532622004 00218532622004
Akida Co.
Akida Company is a multi disciplinary trading company established in 2004 by a group of dedicated experienced entrepreneurs. Akida Company offers the best in state of the art services that combine good quality and high performance
Tripoli (Libya)Tripoli (Libya)
Bin Ashoor - 55 El Geraba St. Bin Ashoor - 55 El Geraba St.
00218217291683 00218217291683