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FNBM Plast
A company specialized in the manufacture of Masterbatch plastic dyes and children's toys
El Eulma (Algeria)El Eulma (Algeria)
Bazer Sakra Bazer Sakra
00213560597457 00213560597457
The first cables factory in Algeria, it started its activities in 1942. Manufactures and sells electric cables in accordance with international standards IEC and NF-VDE BSI
Alger (Algeria)Alger (Algeria)
Route Nationale - 38 Gue de Constantine Alger Route Nationale - 38 Gue de Constantine Alger
0021321835878 0021321835878
Specialize in the production, marketing and development of fertilizers
Annaba (Algeria)Annaba (Algeria)
Route Des Salines Route Des Salines
0021338521400 0021338521400
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique d'Algérie
Provides support for scientific research
Alger (Algeria)Alger (Algeria)
2 Rue Les Frères 2 Rue Les Frères
0021321521283 0021321521283
Poultry production and raw materials. ONAB is as a true leader in poultry sector
Alger (Algeria)Alger (Algeria)
4 Chemin De Kouba 4 Chemin De Kouba
0021321287321 0021321287321
Banque Aationale d'Algerie
Banque Aationale d'Algerie provides all banking services
Alger (Algeria)Alger (Algeria)
8 Boulevard Che Guevara 8 Boulevard Che Guevara
0021321713537 0021321713537
Banque Albaraka D'Algerie
Banque Albaraka D'Algerie is one of the pioneers in providing banking services
Alger (Algeria)Alger (Algeria)
Ben Aknoun - Villa No. 1 Rocade Sud - Hai Bouteldja Houidef Ben Aknoun - Villa No. 1 Rocade Sud - Hai Bouteldja Houidef
0021321916450 0021321916450
Banque de Développement Local (BDL)
Provides high quality bank services
Alger (Algeria)Alger (Algeria)
Staouli - 5 Rue Gaci Amar Staouli - 5 Rue Gaci Amar
0021321391019 0021321391019
Banque de l'Agriculture et du Développement Rural (BADR)
BADR provides all bank services
Alger (Algeria)Alger (Algeria)
1 Rue Mustapha Bouhired 1 Rue Mustapha Bouhired
0021321632088 0021321632088
CNEP Banque
Provides all types of high quality bank services
Alger (Algeria)Alger (Algeria)
Birkhadem - Tours Les Vergers Birkhadem - Tours Les Vergers
0021321541751 0021321541751