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The first cables factory in Algeria, it started its activities in 1942. Manufactures and sells electric cables in accordance with international standards IEC and NF-VDE BSI
Alger (Algeria)
 Route Nationale - 38 Gue de Constantine Alger
Mak Peinture
Is a company specialized in the Algerian all types of paint and also specializes in additions of concrete, which is characterized by its products at competitive prices and outstanding
Sidi Bel Abbès (Algeria)
 Route Nationale Makedra
Barbara Pharm
Barbara pharm leading company in the field of development and industry in the world and to provide medicines and quality of medical aesthetics.
Kolea (Algeria)
 Rue Daif Mohamed, 42015 Douaouda, Tipaza
Sarl Jus Labelle
Label Juice is one of the leading Label Group companies in the food industry in Algeria. Label Juice is specialized in the manufacture of mineral water and non-alcoholic soft drinks under the trade name Arwa Sour Water, soft drinks and Labelle Juice
Sétif (Algeria)
 Setif Activity Area
Elalmaia Foundation for Publishing and Publicity
A pioneering institution in the advertising content industry, conducting propaganda campaigns on social media, providing statistical and economic information, seeking opinions, and organizing economic demonstrations
Constantine (Algeria)
 UV9 - B 2-2 - Nouvell Ville
Bouhoreira SPA
Shareholding company established in 30 April 2003 by its general manager: Bouhoreira Abdelhak. The company is specialised in manufacturing plastic materials and pipes. Create and maintenance of green spaces, agricultural irrigation
Ouargla (Algeria)
 Route Wilaya n° 309 - Blidet Amor - Daïra de Temacine Wilaya de Ouargla
Awraqi Services
we provide to our clients diffrents services. Local administrative services, immigration and visa services and e-learning services
Chlef (Algeria)
 P.O.Box 197 Chlef
We are specialised in import and export, import of livestock. Our company imports all kinds of livestock breeds, such as dairy cows, fattening calves and calves love from all European countries
Batna (Algeria)
 Cité Barka Aforaj K A - N 147
Sitceram Sarl
An Algerian company established in 2009 specialized in the production and manufacture of tiles and ceramics for bathrooms and kitchens on the one hand and the manufacture of parasols for floors and walls on the other hand,
Sétif (Algeria)
 Industrial Zone - Block 18 - Lot N° 330
Fan Advertising Algerie
Fan Advertising Algérie est une agence /Boite de communication moderne utilisant les meilleures technologies dans la demain de communication, Publicité, Marketing, production Audiovisuelle, evenementiel et Graphisme
Alger (Algeria)
 Hydra - Cooperative le Haut Hydra - Lotissement Moutchachou