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Conserved Foodstuff Distributing Co. WLL ( Khazan)
Khazan is one of Middle East’s top producers and distributors of premium meat, poultry, fish products and quality foods including: canned vegetables, vinegars, cakes, packed sugar, Indian rice, cooking oil, tuna, sardines, cola and water
Doha (Qatar)Doha (Qatar)
Industrial Area - St. 2 - Gate 94 - P.O.Box 5613 Industrial Area - St. 2 - Gate 94 - P.O.Box 5613
0097444501400 0097444501400
Consolidated Gulf Co. (CGC)
Established in 1987, CGC, is one of the first technology companies in Qatar with diversified interests in technology, engineering and mobile telephony domains
Doha (Qatar)Doha (Qatar)
Al Sadd - Pearl Tower - 2nd Floor - P.O.Box 1231 Al Sadd - Pearl Tower - 2nd Floor - P.O.Box 1231
0097444441941 0097444441941
Construction Development Co. LLC
Is the leading construction and development company in one of the world´s most interesting growth markets
Doha (Qatar)Doha (Qatar)
Al Fardan Towers - 25th, 26th & 27th Floors - P.O.Box 8388 Al Fardan Towers - 25th, 26th & 27th Floors - P.O.Box 8388
0097444093444 0097444093444
Construction Dynamics LLC
Specialized in developing construction projects in the GCC countries
Doha (Qatar)Doha (Qatar)
Salwa Road - Al Ain 4 Complex - P.O.Box 22953 Salwa Road - Al Ain 4 Complex - P.O.Box 22953
0097444515203 0097444515203
Consulting Engineering Group (CEG)
Founded in 1992 as a highly respected consultancy firm providing full services in the field of architecture, construction, supervision, engineering, interior design, planning and project management
Doha (Qatar)Doha (Qatar)
330 Muntaza St. - P.O.Box 3973 330 Muntaza St. - P.O.Box 3973
009744551188 009744551188
Core Solutions
IT and consulting services provider
Doha (Qatar)Doha (Qatar)
P.O.Box 4096 P.O.Box 4096
009744365151 009744365151
Dallah Converting Industries (DCI)
We, DCI are proud to have built a reputation of a reliable, qualityassured and efficient organization, across the region. This outstanding reputation has been built on our persistent commitment to quality and superior services
Doha (Qatar)Doha (Qatar)
P.O.Box 40997 P.O.Box 40997
0097455551381 0097455551381
Danem Engineering Works
Is a company specializing in engineering, construction and projects fiels and development of the oil and gas sector in the Gulf and Middle East
Doha (Qatar)Doha (Qatar)
P.O.Box 7408 P.O.Box 7408
0097444902755 0097444902755
Dasman Group
Started as a small food Co. when the Dasman opened in 1994. Within 6 years, Dasman established 3 branches which were serviced by over 400 members of staff. With its growing customer base, the company decided to diversify into the fashion industry
Doha (Qatar)Doha (Qatar)
P.O.Box 2595 P.O.Box 2595
0097444313115 0097444313115
Dax Express
We offer a wide array of choices when it comes to freight services, with a huge amount of expertise in transporting cargos' on a regular basis from ports to ports. We also have the experience of handling full range and variety of import commodities
Doha (Qatar)Doha (Qatar)
Al Baladiya St. - Regency Business Center - 10th Floor - No. 1002 Al Baladiya St. - Regency Business Center - 10th Floor - No. 1002
0097444360012 0097444360012