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Faconex has reinvented the Cotton Candy and Pop Corn taking it from an artisan product into a high quality manufactured one. Many flavors are offered for the first time in international markets
Rabat (Morocco)
 Zone Industrial Ain Atio P.O.Box 12040
We started in 1948, as a small production unit in Casablanca and soon became a flourishing confectionery and chocolate company in 1954. We constantly invest our time and efforts in order to produce quality products and satisfy our customers
Casablanca (Morocco)
 20200 Casablanca - 45 rue Ennasrine Beausejour
Fédération des chambres Marocaines de Commerce, de l'Industrie et de Services
The Federation represents traders, industrialists and service sector at the local, national and international level
Rabat (Morocco)
 6 Rue Erfoud Hassan Rabat - P.O.Box 218 - CP10001
Chambre de Commerce, d'Industrie et de Services de Casablanca
The Chamber was founded in 1913 to contribute in the support and development of commerce
Casablanca (Morocco)
 20000 Casablanca - 98 Boulevard Mohammed V - P.O.Box 423
Chambre de commerce, d'industrie et de services de Rabat
Created on June 26, 1914, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Rabat is a public institution with legal personality and financial autonomy. The Chamber works under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry
Rabat (Morocco)
 1 Rue Ghandi - P.O.Box 131
Specialize in the manufacture of jeans and sportswear. We can also provide a wide range of trousers as well as jackets for men, women and children
Casablanca (Morocco)
 Bernousse 2
Casa-Packing s.a.r.l.
Today Casa Packing has become a recognized market for the supply of packaging machines and packaging and all their supplies through our political actor quality, service and price
Casablanca (Morocco)
 20310 Casablanca - 100 Bd Abdellah Ben Yacine
We are a trading company specialist in export and import in the field of food and natural cosmetics
Casablanca (Morocco)
 Mohammed V St. No. 245
Mondial Boutons
Manufacture of buttons and sale all fashion accessories
Casablanca (Morocco)
 Ain Chack - Bd. Mohammed VI - Km 9
Beaute Sante
Beaute Sante offers a wide range of cosmetics for direct sale to consumers on internet in Morocco
Rabat (Morocco)
 Mabella - Oulad Bouziri St. - Bismillah Residence - Building B10 - Apartement 14