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ACT Shipping
ACT Shipping is the leading provider of global logistics services in Mauritania
Nouakchott (Mauritania)Nouakchott (Mauritania)
Tevragh Zeina - Rue 43065 Porte 456 - P.O.Box 5802 Tevragh Zeina - Rue 43065 Porte 456 - P.O.Box 5802
002225241460 002225241460
Adrar Voyages
Adrar Voyages offers a range of tourist services
Nouakchott (Mauritania)Nouakchott (Mauritania)
P.O.Box 926 P.O.Box 926
002225251717 002225251717
Africar Voyage
Ticketing, hotel reservation, incoming and outcoming tourism
Nouakchott (Mauritania)Nouakchott (Mauritania)
P.O.Box 2804 P.O.Box 2804
002225252801 002225252801
Specializes in the field of public works
Nouakchott (Mauritania)Nouakchott (Mauritania)
P.O.Box 5282 P.O.Box 5282
002225251456 002225251456
Is a non-profit organization working in the field of public works
Nouakchott (Mauritania)Nouakchott (Mauritania)
P.O.Box 5234 P.O.Box 5234
002225257512 002225257512
Apave Mauritanie
Apave is in the risk control business and provides a complete range of technical and intellectual services in the areas of inspection, assistance, buildings, tests and measurements, training and consulting
Nouakchott (Mauritania)Nouakchott (Mauritania)
P.O.Box 3547 P.O.Box 3547
002225244706 002225244706
A leader in the field of road construction, civil engineering, building construction, building dams
Nouadhibou (Mauritania)Nouadhibou (Mauritania)
P.O.Box 5481 P.O.Box 5481
002225250919 002225250919
Banque Al Wava Mauritanienne Islamique (BAMIS)
Our mission is to provide high quality of banking services to all clients
Nouakchott (Mauritania)Nouakchott (Mauritania)
Avenue Du Roi Fayçal - P.O.Box 650 Avenue Du Roi Fayçal - P.O.Box 650
002225251424 002225251424
Banque Mauritanienne pour le Commerce International (BMCI)
Provide high quality of banking services
Nouakchott (Mauritania)Nouakchott (Mauritania)
P.O.Box 622 P.O.Box 622
002225252469 002225252469
Banque pour le Commerce et l'Industrie (BCI)
Provide personal banking, business banking, corporate banking
Nouakchott (Mauritania)Nouakchott (Mauritania)
Avenue Gamal Abdel Nasser - P.O.Box 5050 Avenue Gamal Abdel Nasser - P.O.Box 5050
002225292876 002225292876