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Morshed Business Development and Public Relations
It's an alliance that includes a group of independent experts and innovative companies that provide creative solutions in the field of (public relations, government relations, mass media and public policies)
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Mansour District - 14 Ramadan St. - near Shawarma Restaurant - Baghdad 10001 Mansour District - 14 Ramadan St. - near Shawarma Restaurant - Baghdad 10001
009647817774455 009647817774455
Smart Media
A joint advertising project from Dubai, Iraq and China based in Baghdad working with advertisements since 2008. It has a long history in the field of media
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Karrada - Bab Neighborhood - Arasat Al Hindiya St. Karrada - Bab Neighborhood - Arasat Al Hindiya St.
009647805984411 009647805984411
Sumerian Dream Productions
A cinematic production company, based in Iraq, Baghdad produced many fiction and documentary films short and feature and produced a number of TVCs and programs and it aims to help young filmmakers with their projects through providing equipment
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Karrada – near Kahramana Square Karrada – near Kahramana Square
009647704449447 009647704449447
Sunaa Al Ebdaa Company for Advertising
Organizing conferences and introductory forums between companies and private exhibitions. Studying and implementing advertising campaigns, road advertisements and screens in Baghdad and all governorates
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Karada - Opposite the National Theatre - Makiya Building Karada - Opposite the National Theatre - Makiya Building
0096407807707703 0096407807707703
Al Raghad Co. For Air Conditioning Equioments
Specialized in the field of manufacturing air conditioning Equipment and HVAC services
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Ewerig - Near Baghdad Gate Ewerig - Near Baghdad Gate
009647905445566 009647905445566
Al-Awail For Trading Computers, Scientefic & Laboratory Equipment
Provide the supply of medical equipment, chemical, electrical, pharmaceutical, laboratory
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Wehda Quarter - M. 906 - St. 14 - Building 26 Al-Wehda Quarter - M. 906 - St. 14 - Building 26
0096417180398 0096417180398
Is one of the largest and most advanced companies in Iraq, we supply different types of machinery and equipment to the Iraqi market and we are involved in key construction projects within Iraq
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Mahala 213 - Kindy St. - Compound 20 Mahala 213 - Kindy St. - Compound 20
009647400496650 009647400496650
Alkhora Group
Its services include, construction, Scientific lab equipment. Educational equipments, instrumentation, CB. and switchgear, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, communications and IT and environmental equipments
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Aljaderiya - Alhamra hotel Aljaderiya - Alhamra hotel
0096415421958 0096415421958
Al-Timimi Group For Engineering Industries
Was established more than 30 years ago, starting out as a small maintenance service factory for plastic molding machines. It later became a large congregation of four industrial sections serving various engineering fields
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Rasheed - Al-Wazierria Industrial City - M. 30 - Z. 13 - Building 16 - P.O.Box 24040 Al-Rasheed - Al-Wazierria Industrial City - M. 30 - Z. 13 - Building 16 - P.O.Box 24040
0096414259961 0096414259961
Al-Usool General Trading Company Ltd.
Offers a wide range of industrial equipment and machinery to Iraq
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Wahda District - no. 904 - St. 99 - Building 88 Al-Wahda District - no. 904 - St. 99 - Building 88
009647400242468 009647400242468