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Dijla Group
Is a multi-functional companies operating in various commercial and industrial sectors where services are provided in the areas of construction, rehabilitation, information technology, electrical and mechanical equipment and industrial supplies
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Tunis St. - Nasir Square - Dijla Group complex Tunis St. - Nasir Square - Dijla Group complex
009647700434491 009647700434491
Dijlah & Furat Bank Development & Investment
The bank is conducting business according investment standards and away from the fixed profits principles, hence the Bank is coping with the Islamic Shariah standards
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Area 904 - Salman Fa'aq St. - Building 3 Area 904 - Salman Fa'aq St. - Building 3
0096417174548 0096417174548
Dyaco Group
Specialized in security solutions, trading agencies, import, export, supplying, construction, cleaning service, and general transportation
Erbil (Iraq)Erbil (Iraq)
60m St. - Near Franso Hariri Stadium 60m St. - Near Franso Hariri Stadium
009647504453838 009647504453838
Earthlink Telecom
Provide internet services in Iraq
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Karrada - Hwaidi St. Karrada - Hwaidi St.
009647901378358 009647901378358
Ejaf Technology
It is a leading company specializing in software and technology. It provides the necessary devices and solutions for any business, whether it is established or developed. It works to develop and helps customers adopt modern technology
Erbil (Iraq)Erbil (Iraq)
Dream City District - 40 M St. - Office 1201 Dream City District - 40 M St. - Office 1201
009647501914252 009647501914252
Elaj Commercial Agency
Specialized in the supply and distribution of international products for the Iraqi market
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Karradah Kharij - Al-Attar St. Karradah Kharij - Al-Attar St.
0096417179950 0096417179950
ELectronic Wide Foundation
ELectronic Wide Foundation for culture and consultancy
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Abu Nawas St. - Haio Building -Third Floor Abu Nawas St. - Haio Building -Third Floor
009647505419001 009647505419001
Elite Pipe
Manufacturer of carogate tubes, polyethylene tubes, polyethylene welding machine, accessories high-density polyethylene pipe diameters rising from 20 mm to 630 mm with high pressures of up to 25 bars, for drinking water connections
Sulaymaniyah (Iraq)Sulaymaniyah (Iraq)
Kalar - Saia plus Building - 2nd Floor Kalar - Saia plus Building - 2nd Floor
009647726234040 009647726234040
Elmaksan Submersible Pumps
Elmaksan company Turkish mother engaged in the manufacture submersible pumps fully (pumps + engines) in Turkey. We Elmaksan branch company in the city of Erbil in Iraq
Erbil (Iraq)Erbil (Iraq)
Ankawa - Last Old Airport Road Ankawa - Last Old Airport Road
009647508761458 009647508761458
Is part of the Tamimi Group and is one of suppliers in the field of medical laboratories and diagnostic equipment, medicines, chemicals and other consumer
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Karadah - Sadoon St. - Nasir Square - Alnojoom Building - 2nd Floor Karadah - Sadoon St. - Nasir Square - Alnojoom Building - 2nd Floor
009647901909080 009647901909080