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Iraqi Oil Exploration Co.
Is the national state company responsible for all oil and gas exploration activities in Iraq, and is one of the petroleum service companies of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Oil Complex Building Oil Complex Building
0096418177000 0096418177000
Al-Mrooj Co. For Oil Services Ltd.
Provide services, seismic surveys and exploration, drilling oil wells, supply all equipment and materials used in oil and gas industry and other services
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Ma'amon - P.O.Box 50300 Al-Ma'amon - P.O.Box 50300
0096415412787 0096415412787
Future Group Co. For Multimedia Production and Services
The construction of such an institution in Iraq is very important, and that what is going through an Iraqi child from a difficult transition, requires awareness messages guidelines provided by a third party interested in educating the Iraqi society
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al Elweya - Hay Al Wehda - Salman Faeq St. - P.O.Box 3450 Al Elweya - Hay Al Wehda - Salman Faeq St. - P.O.Box 3450
0096417178574 0096417178574
Almuhanad Plastic Co.
Is one of the esteemed plastic company in Iraq we specialized in manufacture of plastic household articles. Our products are known for high quality and are produced to the highest international standards
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Eawarige Industrial Zone - Shorja Plastic Market Eawarige Industrial Zone - Shorja Plastic Market
0096415555552 0096415555552
Al-Timimi Group For Engineering Industries
Was established more than 30 years ago, starting out as a small maintenance service factory for plastic molding machines. It later became a large congregation of four industrial sections serving various engineering fields
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Rasheed - Al-Wazierria Industrial City - M. 30 - Z. 13 - Building 16 - P.O.Box 24040 Al-Rasheed - Al-Wazierria Industrial City - M. 30 - Z. 13 - Building 16 - P.O.Box 24040
0096414259961 0096414259961
Kerbala Co. For Fabrication of Precast Building Ltd.
Kerbala company for the manufacture of turnkey construction of major corporations, Ltd. specialized production of prefabricated concrete and pieces of different (pc) concrete and ready
Karbala (Iraq)Karbala (Iraq)
Al Najaf Road - Near Industrial Zone Al Najaf Road - Near Industrial Zone
00964032342188 00964032342188
Saad Tabra & Sons For Importation & Exportation
Specialized in fruit trading especially Bananas & Apples in addition to all other vegetables such as Tomato and others
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Jamelah Industrial Jamelah Industrial
0096418835126 0096418835126
Al-Rafedain Co.
Produce biscuit, wafer, chocolate and toffee
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Industrial Jameela - P.O.Box 18463 Industrial Jameela - P.O.Box 18463
0096418827845 0096418827845
Al Rafedin Horizon
Is one of the companies specialized in the trade of food and food appetizers, models and potatoes, chocolate drinks, mineral water
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Nafak Al Shurta - Hai Hettin - M. 620 - Z. 4 - H. 39 Nafak Al Shurta - Hai Hettin - M. 620 - Z. 4 - H. 39
009647901308767 009647901308767
Ur State Co. For Engineering Industries
Is one of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals specialized produces all kinds of cables and electrical wires and telephone in addition to aluminum products of clips, tapes and aluminum seals and medicines
Dhi Qar (Iraq)Dhi Qar (Iraq)
Nasiriyah - P.O.Box 44 Nasiriyah - P.O.Box 44
0096442230231 0096442230231