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Offers you our services and advertising in ways that make art more common and widespread, inter alia, through visual and written, audio and neat modern designs in terms of colors, printing and paper material
Al Basrah (Iraq)Al Basrah (Iraq)
Al-Istiklal St. Al-Istiklal St.
009647812602270 009647812602270
Alnuha Group For Industrial Services
Offer a wide range of services and engineering in the field of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Cement industry, Water & Waste Water and other major industries covering the disciplines of Instrumentation, Electrical & Mechanical
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Hay Alwahada - M. 906 - St. 14 - Building 6 Hay Alwahada - M. 906 - St. 14 - Building 6
0096417178710 0096417178710
Al-Rafedain Co.
Produce biscuit, wafer, chocolate and toffee
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Industrial Jameela - P.O.Box 18463 Industrial Jameela - P.O.Box 18463
0096418827845 0096418827845
Supplying the Iraqi market, most electrical products, equipment, power transmission and distribution, equipment and supplies, lighting and all other equipment operating inthe field of of automation and accessories
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al Mansour Main St. - Opposite of Al Rahman Big Mosque - Alawsaj Building Al Mansour Main St. - Opposite of Al Rahman Big Mosque - Alawsaj Building
009647712755595 009647712755595
Specialized in processing and selling all types of epoxy and chemicals, raw materials and industrial materials, dyes, thermal and modern construction chemicals and concrete additives
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Albab Alshrqi Albab Alshrqi
009647901365951 009647901365951
Alrmal Company
Company for the sale of Alrmal equipment, cosmetics, lasers France. Site dedicated to sell the products and the rare luxury of cosmetics, creams and lasers
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Karada - Meridian Hotel Karada - Meridian Hotel
009647504545582 009647504545582
Al-Sard Co.
Is one of the main local suppliers in Iraq in the field of power tools, hand tools, welding machines, electrodes, welding wires, filters and all related services
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Rasheed St. - Jbara building - 3rd floor - flat 6 Al-Rasheed St. - Jbara building - 3rd floor - flat 6
0096418184102 0096418184102
Alsarh Alaali
specialized in the field of contracting and also work on the import and sale of washing machines and steam cleaning the Korean
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
East Karrada - Orezdi Pak St. East Karrada - Orezdi Pak St.
009647711616788 009647711616788
Al-Tadhamun Co. Travel & Tourism Ltd.
Is the sole agent for Jupiter and AV.COM UAE Air Flying Carpet Company and the Lebanese Company Bisat Al Reeh
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al Sadoun St. - Iraqi Airways Complex Commercial Al Sadoun St. - Iraqi Airways Complex Commercial
0096417193433 0096417193433
Altaj Co. Computers and Communications
Specializes in the sale of computers and provides maintenance center to ensure after-sales service of high-level and the presence of a cadre of top-notch engineers and technicians trained good inside and outside Iraq to carry out these tasks
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Industry St. - Opposite to Technology University - Computer Center Building Industry St. - Opposite to Technology University - Computer Center Building
009647705331170 009647705331170