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Golden Sail Trading Co
A commercial company specialized in distributing foodstuffs through a network of sales and storage centers, in addition to a fleet of cars and specialized distribution trucks
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al Mansour - 65 14th Ramadan St. Al Mansour - 65 14th Ramadan St.
009647810704444 009647810704444
Rashi Al Baraka Factory
It is for the production of tahinia from pure sesame without any other additives
Samarra (Iraq)Samarra (Iraq)
Al Maamel Road - Al Afraz District - Al Afraz St. Al Khadra Al Maamel Road - Al Afraz District - Al Afraz St. Al Khadra
009647701831944 009647701831944
Saad Tabra & Sons For Importation & Exportation
Specialized in fruit trading especially Bananas & Apples in addition to all other vegetables such as Tomato and others
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Jamelah Industrial Jamelah Industrial
0096418835126 0096418835126
Trans Iraq Trading Co. Ltd.
Distribute wide range of food and consumer products in Iraq
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Baraka Building Al-Baraka Building
009647901105338 009647901105338
Bleibel Co.
Specializing in office furniture and hospital furniture and metal sections
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Jamila Industrial - Al-Quds Quarter - M. 514 - Z. 23 - Building 9-11 Jamila Industrial - Al-Quds Quarter - M. 514 - Z. 23 - Building 9-11
009648828338 009648828338
Al-Infiraj Group
Is one of the largest groups in Iraq consisting of three companies with high technology in industrial business and oil projects
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Waziriya - District 301 - Lane2 - House 19 Al-Waziriya - District 301 - Lane2 - House 19
0096414256816 0096414256816
Al-Mrooj Co. For Oil Services Ltd.
Provide services, seismic surveys and exploration, drilling oil wells, supply all equipment and materials used in oil and gas industry and other services
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Ma'amon - P.O.Box 50300 Al-Ma'amon - P.O.Box 50300
0096415412787 0096415412787
Al-Yaqut Group
Provide services in the management of customs operations, control systems support pipes oil production facilities, equipment maintenance, planning, construction and management of import and export
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Yarmouk District Area - Code 612 - St. 16 - Building 36 Al-Yarmouk District Area - Code 612 - St. 16 - Building 36
009647901909737 009647901909737
Baghdad Co. For Gas Turbines Ltd.
Provide services for gas, steam and diesel generating units with focus on the Baghdad Company for Gas Turbine capabilities
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Arasat - District 929 m - Building 113 - 1st Floor Arasat - District 929 m - Building 113 - 1st Floor
009647600007048 009647600007048
Iraqi Oil Exploration Co.
Is the national state company responsible for all oil and gas exploration activities in Iraq, and is one of the petroleum service companies of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Oil Complex Building Oil Complex Building
0096418177000 0096418177000