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Al Raghad Co. For Air Conditioning Equioments
Specialized in the field of manufacturing air conditioning Equipment and HVAC services
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Ewerig - Near Baghdad Gate Ewerig - Near Baghdad Gate
009647905445566 009647905445566
UB Holding
Specialized in several areas including agriculture and food products and production and oil
Erbil (Iraq)Erbil (Iraq)
40 Ainkawa St. 40 Ainkawa St.
00964662531556 00964662531556
Bleibel Co.
Specializing in office furniture and hospital furniture and metal sections
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Jamila Industrial - Al-Quds Quarter - M. 514 - Z. 23 - Building 9-11 Jamila Industrial - Al-Quds Quarter - M. 514 - Z. 23 - Building 9-11
009648828338 009648828338
Al Fayha Co.
Is a company specialized in prefabricated buildings preconceived casting and vocabulary construction thereto according to the latest engineering designs developed in addition to specialization in the processing of high-quality ready-mixed concrete
Al Basrah (Iraq)Al Basrah (Iraq)
Safwan Road - Opposite of petrochemical plant Safwan Road - Opposite of petrochemical plant
009647811991921 009647811991921
General Co. For Industries Sufism
Is the chip companies specialized in spinning and weaving industry in Iraq
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al Kazimiyah - M. 413 - Z. 12 - Building 40 Al Kazimiyah - M. 413 - Z. 12 - Building 40
0096414226061 0096414226061
General Co. For Carpets manual
Specialized in the manufacture of hand-made carpet consisting of wool and natural silk and handmade rugs, mattresses, pillows and sponge products, sewing and other miscellaneous
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al Kazimiyah - Near Fattah Pasha mosque Al Kazimiyah - Near Fattah Pasha mosque
0096414224417 0096414224417
Iraqi Prefab Houses Co. (L.L.C)
Our company produces prefabricated houses, residential complexes and caravans of all shapes and sizes, which depend on the technical specifications and raw materials of good quality
Al Basrah (Iraq)Al Basrah (Iraq)
Bahadriya - Hmdan Industrial Area Bahadriya - Hmdan Industrial Area
0096440613394 0096440613394
Seasons Co.
Services installation, operation and processing machinery, packaging and water treatment units and other types of services
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Karrada - Branch Al-Nakheel Hotel Karrada - Branch Al-Nakheel Hotel
0096417761121 0096417761121
The Light Industries Co. (Ishtar)
Produce many types of refrigerators and ovens, gas and kerosene heaters and freezers
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Za'afaraniyah - P.O.Box 29059 Za'afaraniyah - P.O.Box 29059
0096417192677 0096417192677
Gulf Insulating Material Co.
Working to secure the needs of the market of sandwich panels for construction and industrial insulation and boxes of fruits and vegetables and keeping boxes, high ceilings, containerboard, and decoration works
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Dawoodi Industrial Al-Dawoodi Industrial
009647901917992 009647901917992