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Alrmal Company
Company for the sale of Alrmal equipment, cosmetics, lasers France. Site dedicated to sell the products and the rare luxury of cosmetics, creams and lasers
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Karada - Meridian Hotel Karada - Meridian Hotel
009647504545582 009647504545582
AL-Baraka Co. For Pipes & Fittings
Specialized in the manufacture of plastic pipes
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Zafaraniyah - Old Industrial Area Zafaraniyah - Old Industrial Area
009647705021132 009647705021132
Almuhanad Plastic Co.
Is one of the esteemed plastic company in Iraq we specialized in manufacture of plastic household articles. Our products are known for high quality and are produced to the highest international standards
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Eawarige Industrial Zone - Shorja Plastic Market Eawarige Industrial Zone - Shorja Plastic Market
0096415555552 0096415555552
Elite Pipe
Manufacturer of carogate tubes, polyethylene tubes, polyethylene welding machine, accessories high-density polyethylene pipe diameters rising from 20 mm to 630 mm with high pressures of up to 25 bars, for drinking water connections
Sulaymaniyah (Iraq)Sulaymaniyah (Iraq)
Kalar - Saia plus Building - 2nd Floor Kalar - Saia plus Building - 2nd Floor
009647726234040 009647726234040
Al Jaohara Co. For General Contracting Ltd.
Specialized in design, surveying, engineering, construction and consulting. We have been able to execute large numbers of projects with domestic and foreign clients
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Harthya - Al-Maamon Counsel St. - Building 13 Al-Harthya - Al-Maamon Counsel St. - Building 13
009647703788492 009647703788492
Al Qabas Economical Group
Provide high quality on implementation , supply of wide practical horizon for development in , industry , agriculture and trading fields
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Mansour - 14 Rammadhan St. - M. 609 - Z. 22 - Building 4 Al-Mansour - 14 Rammadhan St. - M. 609 - Z. 22 - Building 4
0096415420954 0096415420954
Al Qaswaa United Co.
Is a local Iraqi General Contracting, which aims to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq and its infrastructure
Babilon (Iraq)Babilon (Iraq)
Al Hilal City - Jameia St. - facing Al-Fayhaa Hospital - P.O.Box 362 Al Hilal City - Jameia St. - facing Al-Fayhaa Hospital - P.O.Box 362
009647801003134 009647801003134
Al-Abed for General Trading & Constructions
We are a company interested in all areas of trade, contracting in Iraq. Since Iraq is undergoing reconstruction, we strive to be our company, proactive in dealing with the companies no matter the size of hoping everyone
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Almansour- 14 Ramadan St. Almansour- 14 Ramadan St.
009647714495916 009647714495916
Albanna Group
Specialized in the reconstruction, rehabilitation, modernization and development programs
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Alwiya - Al Mansour District - 14 Ramadan St. - Section 611 - St. 18 - Building 102 - P.O.Box 3030 Alwiya - Al Mansour District - 14 Ramadan St. - Section 611 - St. 18 - Building 102 - P.O.Box 3030
0096415424955 0096415424955
Al-Maher Group Co.
Is considered one of the leading groups in dealing with free business, trade and contracts
Mosul (Iraq)Mosul (Iraq)
Dawasah Kharij Dawasah Kharij
009647903291489 009647903291489