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Advanced Technologies
Specialized in IT business in Iraq
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Sina'a St. - Opposite to University of Technology Sina'a St. - Opposite to University of Technology
009647906347388 009647906347388
Al Abraj Company the Era of Modernity General Contracting
We have extensive experience in all engineering and architectural fields and experience of not less than 35 years of continuous work
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Palestine St. - near Beirut Bridge - next to Korek Company Palestine St. - near Beirut Bridge - next to Korek Company
0096407708864022 0096407708864022
Al Amjad Medical Group
It consists of three companies, the group was established in 2009 in Iraq. It is specialized in the field of medicines and medical supplies
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Mohammed Al Qasim - Saadoun District - Al Nidal St. - next Kamal Al Samaria Hospital Mohammed Al Qasim - Saadoun District - Al Nidal St. - next Kamal Al Samaria Hospital
009647732288000 009647732288000
Al Assad Scientific Bureau
Its mission is to provide and support the Iraqi market medical devices for improving human health in Iraq
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Karada Kharij - M. 905 - St. 21 - Building 6 Karada Kharij - M. 905 - St. 21 - Building 6
0096417788196 0096417788196
Al Badri Information Technology Co.
Distribute and to provide offices and government departments with equipment and devices
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Kahramana - Near Ealaf Islamic Bank Kahramana - Near Ealaf Islamic Bank
0096417197856 0096417197856
Al Daleel Integrated Solutions
Specialized in providing integrated business IT solutions, implementation of software/hardware, communication systems, banking solutions technologies, web hosting solutions, decision support systems, Oil & Gas, transport services and solutions
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al Mansour Quarter Al Mansour Quarter
009647901907253 009647901907253
Al Fayha Co.
Is a company specialized in prefabricated buildings preconceived casting and vocabulary construction thereto according to the latest engineering designs developed in addition to specialization in the processing of high-quality ready-mixed concrete
Al Basrah (Iraq)Al Basrah (Iraq)
Safwan Road - Opposite of petrochemical plant Safwan Road - Opposite of petrochemical plant
009647811991921 009647811991921
Al Jaohara Co. For General Contracting Ltd.
Specialized in design, surveying, engineering, construction and consulting. We have been able to execute large numbers of projects with domestic and foreign clients
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al-Harthya - Al-Maamon Counsel St. - Building 13 Al-Harthya - Al-Maamon Counsel St. - Building 13
009647703788492 009647703788492
Al Karawan Travel & Tourism Co. Ltd.
Our company provides all the solutions and services related to travel and tourism, through the experience of staff management in the company by working in the Iraqi Airways
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al Sadoun St. - Near The Filling Station Al Sadoun St. - Near The Filling Station
0096417182577 0096417182577
Al Khazrji Law Office
Al Khazrji office established in 1998 headed by Dr. Salah Al Khazrji. As a full-service law office, AK is able to provide the clients with experienced counsel and services in numerous areas of the law
Baghdad (Iraq)Baghdad (Iraq)
Al Harithia - Kindi St. Al Harithia - Kindi St.
009647809141780 009647809141780