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Diyar Al Muharraq W.W.L.
City civilized project accommodate more than 100,000 inhabitants
Manama (Bahrain)Manama (Bahrain)
P.O.Box 75777 P.O.Box 75777
0097377155555 0097377155555
Dream Group W.L.L.
Constructing, security services, corporate services and investments
Manama (Bahrain)Manama (Bahrain)
Adliya - Block 635 - St. No. 31 - Building 1007/A - P.O.Box 15166 Adliya - Block 635 - St. No. 31 - Building 1007/A - P.O.Box 15166
0097317700211 0097317700211
Durrat Al Bahrain Project
The most ambitious real estate development in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Manama (Bahrain)Manama (Bahrain)
P.O.Box 11416 P.O.Box 11416
0097317556999 0097317556999
East Aluminium
Production of aluminium
Manama (Bahrain)Manama (Bahrain)
P.O.Box 985 P.O.Box 985
0097317785704 0097317785704
East Arabian Co. for Specialty Projects W.L.L (EACOM)
Specializes in the field of technology services
Manama (Bahrain)Manama (Bahrain)
P.O.Box 13277 P.O.Box 13277
0097317741161 0097317741161
Eastern Asphalt and Mixed Concrete Co. W.L.L. (EAMCO)
EAMCO was established in the year 1976 to manufacture asphalt and construct roads and supply ready mixed concrete to contractors on the island
Ma’ameer (Bahrain)Ma’ameer (Bahrain)
P.O.Box 474 P.O.Box 474
0097317701386 0097317701386
Ebrahim K. Kanoo Group
Agent for automobiles , as well as trading of car tires, oils and paints
Manama (Bahrain)Manama (Bahrain)
Block 302 - St. No. 225 - Qassim Al Mehzaa Building No. 510 - P.O.Box 119 Block 302 - St. No. 225 - Qassim Al Mehzaa Building No. 510 - P.O.Box 119
0097317262262 0097317262262
Economic Development Board (EDB)
The EDB is a dynamic public agency with an overall responsibility for formulating and overseeing the economic development strategy of Bahrain, and for creating the right climate to attract direct investment into the Kingdom
Manama (Bahrain)Manama (Bahrain)
P.O.Box 11299 P.O.Box 11299
0097317589999 0097317589999
Elite Technologies Middle East
Consulting services, infrastructure services, managed IT services and training
Manama (Bahrain)Manama (Bahrain)
P.O.Box 11751 P.O.Box 11751
0097317749111 0097317749111
Eventscom Co.
Event management, public relations, training, copy writing and translation
Manama (Bahrain)Manama (Bahrain)
P.O.Box 2922 P.O.Box 2922
0097317226775 0097317226775