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Industrial limited company, specialized in the manufacturing of high quality products, and legalized in Jordan with nr.(18004).
Amman (Jordan)Amman (Jordan)
Amman Jordan Amman Jordan
0096264020983 0096264020983
Dost Fındık, a family owned company, is one of the leading companies in the hazelnut sector. Its roots can be traced back to 1987 when the company started to actively participate in the hazelnut sector under the brand of “Atikler”.
Ordu (Turkey)Ordu (Turkey)
Golevi Mah. Bataklik Sok. No: 5 - Unye Golevi Mah. Bataklik Sok. No: 5 - Unye
00904523247554 00904523247554
Durum Gida was founded within the Arbel Group, and is one of the leading producers in the pasta and semolina industries in Turkey, applying international standards in its modern and high-capacity plants in Mersin
Mersin (Turkey)Mersin (Turkey)
33281 Kazanli 33281 Kazanli
00903242411111 00903242411111
Edita is a leading FMCG company in Egypt & the Middle East. The company holds a leading market share in each of its five segments, a success driven by the company’s reputation for quality and affordability.
Giza (Egypt)Giza (Egypt)
Embaba - Warraq El Haddar - P.O.Box 55 Embaba - Warraq El Haddar - P.O.Box 55
0020235400888 0020235400888
Egycrops is an Egyptian company specialized in international trade of pulses "dry beans, peas, lentils, chick peas, etc", Herbs, seeds and birds seeds
Alexndria (Egypt)Alexndria (Egypt)
14 A - Al Nasr St.- Manshia - 1st Floor 14 A - Al Nasr St.- Manshia - 1st Floor
002034842996 002034842996
A leader in food manufacture in Egypt: production of snacks, chips, potato snacks & sweets. Company products include: Tiger, Krokeh Crazo, Taxi, Kalbaz , forkoh loz. Holding multiple ISO certifications. Exporting to all Arab countries
El Monofeya (Egypt)El Monofeya (Egypt)
Quwasnah - 1st Industrial Zone Quwasnah - 1st Industrial Zone
0020482590050 0020482590050
In 1889, El Rashidi El Mizan was established in Cairo as a small family business. Today, this company proudly stands as the leading Confectionary producer in the Middle East and North Africa
6th of October City (Egypt)6th of October City (Egypt)
18/2 St - Plot No.38, 39 - Industrial Zone 2 18/2 St - Plot No.38, 39 - Industrial Zone 2
0020238334007 0020238334007
Our company one of the leading companies in the field of food industries in Egypt and the Middle East, our products are made up of the best raw materials and manufactured using the latest manufacturing methods at the hands of skilled specialists
Kaliobeya (Egypt)Kaliobeya (Egypt)
El Obour Industrial City - Plot (15) - Block  No. 20017 El Obour Industrial City - Plot (15) - Block No. 20017
00200246650207 00200246650207
Is one of the top Egyptian companies in field of manufacturing and producing all kinds of fruits and vegetables fresh and frozen. We deliver goods and do all shipping procedures as we have good experience in this field
Tanta (Egypt)Tanta (Egypt)
60 Sedky St. 60 Sedky St.
002001220045842 002001220045842
Elita Gıda was founded in 2006 with an investment of 20 million dollars to process oilseeds which are grown in Turkey, primarily in Çukurova
Adana (Turkey)Adana (Turkey)
Yolgeçen Mah. 4001. Sok. No:3 01120 Seyhan Yolgeçen Mah. 4001. Sok. No:3 01120 Seyhan
00903224411785 00903224411785